måndag 17 mars 2008

Now i have mailed all you guys hwo have emailed me details for the kiddo's RAK... One thing..thank you bela for reminding me..i forgot all about easter!! That it's this week...how can you forget that?*LOL* I guess i can blame my pregnancy...*LOL* So, due to this, i was thinking if we send out mail by wednsday 26/3, so evryone makes to the postoffice in time! =)Now i have to go and clean some...and then it's of to craft!!

Nytten olen pistänyt sähköpostia kaikille jotka ovat lähettäneet meiliä minulle lasten RAKista...=) Niin...unohdin tykkänään että on pääsiäsiviikko...(onneksi bela muistutti mua!!) Tämän takia ajattelin että jos vaikka voitaisiin postittaa paketit viimeistään 26/3, elikkä ensi viikon keskiviikkona. Mitä mieltä olette? Nytten pitää mennä siivoamaan vähäsen ja sitten askartelemaan!

3 kommentarer:

Courtney sa...

Mine might be late since I'm not at home! I won't be home until the 25th. I'll try to get it out as fast as I can!!

Anonym sa...

sopii oikein mainiosti!

Becca sa...

I will get mine out next week. You are funny. You can't blame those pregnancy forgot me nots too much later on...I changed it to..ooops I forgot forgive me because I am a busy mom LOL>>>>> Us women can get away with pretty much anything LOL....after all..we carry our little darlings right through to adulthood.
Hugs to you and have a happy healthy and fun holiday.